We Need You!

When coronavirus came around, we had to act.
We had to wear masks, wash our hands, stay at home, work from home, take our kids out of school, use less toilet paper, etc. 

It was inconvenient, uncomfortable and difficult for many of us. We made sacrifices. But we did it because people were getting sick. People were dying. 

But a worse health crisis has been on our hands for centuries: racism. And many of us have not acted. We haven’t inconvenienced ourselves, gotten uncomfortable or made sacrifices to do something about it. Even though black people are getting sick. Even though black people are dying. 

We have to act.

Racism hasn’t been declared a pandemic by WHO, but it should be. Racism has been recognized as a public health issue by numerous medical groups and last year was declared a public health crisis in Milwaukee. And yet there have been no apparent changes or healing to this systemic disease. No rush for a cure like there is for a vaccine. Sit with that for a minute. It’s packed with uncomfortable truths, both racist and economic.

Not sure what you can do? I’m still learning myself. But educating yourself is a good first step. Here is a list of anti-racism resources. It’s big. There’s lots to learn and do. Just start somewhere. Share it with others. 

If you’re buying a book on this list, please consider purchasing from a black-owned bookstore here: https://aalbc.com/bookstores/ rather than Amazon.

This work will take strength and energy. It will be difficult and emotional. Change always is. Please make sure you are also taking care of yourself. We need you.

Remember that we are all works in progress. And when you mess up, try not to defend yourself. Instead, listen more. Making mistakes is how we learn. And doing something and messing up is better than not doing anything at all.

f you are not black and believe there’s nothing you can do about racism, or that you’re not part of the problem, I get it. I was the same way. For a long time. But it’s not true. I implore you to open yourself up to the possibility that there is more for you to learn about racism, more you can do. We need you too. 

What Do You Believe About Yourself?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” 
~Henry Ford

During the pandemic it’s become more clear to me than ever that our attitude and beliefs shape our lives.

I have a friend who is a wedding planner. When the lockdown began, she believed her business was over. Communications with her clients all but came to a screeching halt and she told me she “had to move back home.” She seemed utterly defeated. 

I recently met another wedding planner. When the lockdown began she helped her clients re-schedule everything. She connected with new venues in more remote areas where she guessed lockdown restrictions might be lifted sooner. She worked with her clients to make videos for their “future” wedding guests to share their story and help them all stay connected and excited about the event. She believed she could help her clients, and she did. As a result, she’s gained 8 new clients in the past month through referrals from her current clients. It’s the biggest bump in her business she’s ever experienced. 

What does this have to do with health and wellness? EVERYTHING!

What gets in the way of improving our health more than anything else are our beliefs about what we can and can’t do.

But beliefs are NOT reality. They are a pattern of thinking, a “habit of mind” that we have chosen.

And if we want to make changes to our health, it’s important to examine how, or if, our beliefs are serving our well-being.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can address limiting beliefs, let’s chat! I offer a free Wellness Strategy Session where we will look at what’s getting in the way of you achieving you wellness goals and how to move past those roadblock. Contact me today to set up your free session.

Empower Yourself with This Simple Mindset Shift

It was beautiful here in Los Angeles this past weekend–and if the beaches hadn’t been closed, I would undoubtedly have been there. I admit it was frustrating. But I was able to shift myself out of frustration, as I have had to do many times during this pandemic, because of the concept in yoga philosophy that tells us: Whatever we focus on expands.

In other words, I could have focused my attention on my frustration which would have only increased my sense of feeling less in control of my life altogether. It would’ve created more stress and ultimately put me in a foul mood all weekend. Yuck. 

When I decided to shift my focus on what I CAN do and what I DO have control over (such as, I can sit in my backyard and enjoy the beautiful weather, I can connect with others through technology, I can cook and eat nourishing food) suddenly my weekend got a whole lot better.

That’s not to say any of us should pretend that difficult feelings aren’t there. Acknowledging frustration, sadness, and fear, and giving ourselves space to process these emotions is one of the most loving things we CAN do for ourselves right now. 

And when we focus our attention on the things we can control, like nourishing and taking care of ourselves, processing our emotions and practicing gratitude for what we do have, we put ourselves in a much better position to:

  1. Feel better and create a healthier environment for ourselves and whoever we may be sheltering with.
  2. Stay healthy and strong.
  3. Have a more balanced perspective on the whole situation which will help us endure whatever lies ahead.