How to Have a Merry Body, Mind and Spirit This Holiday, Part 1

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Part 1: Merry Body

While my holiday mantra serves as a reminder for me to slow down, re-center and re-focus, it also reminds me that I have specific practices that can help me with this. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites ways to make sure my body stays merry and bright!


Follow all of the feasting recommendations, but especially staying hydrated!

Get to bed by 10pm. Our bodies go through natural detoxing and rejuvenating processes starting at 10pm. To make sure I feel merry and bright in the morning, it’s important to be asleep by this time so that my body can focus on these revitalizing activities.

Calming bedtime rituals: With all the excitement, it’s important to help our body wind down before we go to bed so that we can get a deeper, more restorative sleep. My favorite bedtime ritual is to oil my feet before bed with warm oil (organic unrefined sesame, sunflower or almond oil is best).

Daily morning movement. Whether it’s a walk, a little yoga or qigong, if I make time for 20 minutes of movement before I eat breakfast, my body, my digestion, my energy levels are feeling pretty merry all day long. So no matter where I spend the holiday, I find a way to keep this practice as consistent as possible. If it means I have to shorten it to 10 minutes on some days, I’m ok with that. Doing some of the practice is better than not doing it at all.

How will you keep your body merry this holiday season? I’d love to hear from you either by email or post your answer on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag me @nmyogawellness.

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This Holiday Season: Are You Calm? Are You Bright?

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The holidays can get hectic and stressful. And if I don’t remind myself to slow down, re-center and re-focus, my nervous system gets frazzled, my immunity suffers, I make poor decisions and I usually find myself depleted and regretful before the season is over.

So a couple years ago, I decided to give myself a mantra, to the tune of a Christmas carol, so that I was constantly reminding myself of how I wanted to experience the holiday.

What emerged was my holiday mantra:  “I am calm, I am bright” (to the tune of Silent Night).

I’ve thought about changing it this year, yet nothing else seems to resonate as well for me right now. So for another year, this is it.

What kind of mantra can you come up with to stay on track for having a healthier, more mindful holiday? Can you sing it to the tune of your favorite holiday song? Consider how you want to feel this holiday, or go through my Design Your Holiday exercises to find the right words for your mantra.

Would love to hear what you come up with. Post your holiday mantra on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag me @nmyogawellness. Or you can share it with me by email.