Introducing: THRIVE HIVE

Today I’m excited to introduce to you: THE THRIVE HIVE!

What is the THRIVE HIVE?

A quick overview:

First and foremost,THRIVE HIVE is an online wellness community that is NOT connected to social media outlets. That means: no advertisers, no distractions, no drama, no spying, no tracking of what you say, do or click on while in this private community. Just a space where you can focus on bringing healthier habits into your life while getting practical tips, peer support and professional coaching. Currently, membership to this community is free! And as long as you join while it’s free, you will not have to pay for membership ever. 😍

In the THRIVE HIVE we will take tiny steps towards learning and adopting healthier habits. We will overcome obstacles, mess up, try again, get smarter, cheer people on, collaborate, and share our experiences to help each other grow. 

We will build confidence,change limiting beliefs, laugh, possibly cry, and in the process we will become healthier, happier versions of ourselves, realize more of our potential, and live more fulfilling and joyous lives.

Sound too good to be true? Do not doubt the magic that can happen in a hive! 

I’ll be revealing more details about THRIVE HIVE in the coming weeks, but it you want to get the full scoop, sign up for my email list.

Doors open September 3rd, with an official launch on September 9th.  Mark your calendars!

Why I LOVE Ayurveda: Reason #2

Ayu-2REASON #2: Ayurveda’s holistic approach heals ALL of you: body, mind and spirit. 

I wrote last week about how I turned to Ayurveda to heal from IBS. And while I healed myself from these digestive issues, I received some unexpected healing bonuses!

Since embracing the practices of Ayurveda, I have said “so long” to seasonal allergies, chronic sinus infections, and a rash (which I was told I had because I was “aging”). I no longer suffer with bouts of depression and my anxiety levels have dropped dramatically.


Ayurveda tells us that we get sick or experience symptoms because of an imbalance in our constitution. Over time, how that imbalance shows up may change. We may start noticing some digestive issues, then get tendonitis. Later we develop issues with anxiety and our skin is constantly dried out. Seemingly unrelated issues, right? Not with Ayurveda.

While a Western medicine approach might look at all these symptoms separately, and provide different treatments or prescriptions for each one,

Ayurveda would instead look at them holistically, considering all aspects of our lives to determine the root cause of imbalance.  And once that root cause is understood and addressed, we can bring healing to our whole being.

Consequently, not only did I leave behind physical symptoms, I’ve also begun to let go of outdated and unhealthy emotional and behavior patterns. And this deep healing has allowed me to gain more clarity about my life’s purpose, and given me the confidence to pursue that purpose.

Stay tuned for next week when I share REASON #3 for loving Ayurveda.

Want to learn how you can bring Ayurvedic practices into your life? Join me in my upcoming workshop: 



Saturday, March 25, 2018:

2pm – 4pm

Square One Yoga, San Leandro


Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic healing system and is considered Yoga’s “sister science.” Though shunned for many years, modern science now recognizes the incredible efficacy of Ayurvedic practices in healing disease and imbalances of the modern world.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the nature of this life-transforming tradition, and discover how the principles of Ayurveda teach us to awaken our natural ability to self-heal and bring benefit to our communities, all living creatures and the planet.

All workshop participants will be offered a free 15 minute Ayurvedic phone consultation by appointment after workshop.

Cost: $30 for members of Square One, $35 for non-members.

$5 off if you register by 3/17/18.

Be sure to save your spot and register here.