For the Thrive + Shine Immersion and Annual Pass

“I am so thankful that I found the Thrive and Shine course! Nicole runs all her classes with such a calm and accepting presence. I love her gentle approach to habit change, and it has really helped me ease into adopting new and exciting healthy habits. I love the group atmosphere, and I genuinely look forward to each meeting. Nicole has a seemingly endless stock of resources and exercises to help guide you on your path of inner exploration! Thrive and Shine has been an essential part of my quest for personal growth and development. I am so grateful to have this amazing support system in my life! Thank you, Nicole!” -A.H.

“The Thrive and Shine course has really helped me look deeply within myself for what is holding me back from making the positive changes I want to make in my life. With the tools I’ve learned, these changes are now possible. I am especially thankful for the year long pass that has allowed me to be part of a supportive community and access to all of the course sessions as well as meetings for a whole year. I need that extra time to really immerse myself in the evolution process and to make lasting changes.” -C.C.

“I signed up to take Nicole’s Jump Start and one round of Thrive and Shine programs and was really motivated to do so because of the health benefits I would reap by implementing the habits and routines supported by Ayurvedic knowledge, however I was initially on the fence about the benefit of signing up for the year-long Thrive and Shine program. While I’ve only completed one round of the Thrive and Shine program thus far, I now understand why Nicole offers this three-month program for repeat cycles throughout the year. There are quite a number of habits (some larger and some smaller) within Ayurveda that support one’s health and it can be challenging to shift even a few within one round of the program (for example, a keystone one such as time to sleep and wake up). Having recently completed the first round, I have absolutely grown as an individual and improved in some key habits I wanted to implement, yet I have plenty of room for growth and new habits yet to add, and I know the structure and accountability of the Thrive and Shine program will give me the extra support I need to make sure I continue to implement and add these habits into my lifestyle. To add, in my time working with Nicole, I have seen her generous disposition and true desire to see the individuals she is working with grow and thrive in their health and wellness.” -J.G.

“Thrive + Shine has been an integral piece to the major transitions I have been going through this past year. This course provided me with the tools I needed to nurture and prioritize myself, stay grounded, and be as centered as one can be when my life suddenly seemed unrecognizable. The support of Nicole and the group were essential to my making it through a very difficult time in my life.”

-K. Key (Thrive + Shine year long immersion)

“Before Thrive + Shine, I was in survival mode. I was very out of touch with my health. I wasn’t sleeping through the night and I was very irritable. My body began manifesting stress and I knew something had to change.

“Now, after going through 3 rounds of Thrive + Shine, I feel I am living with more ease. I have moved from being a perfectionist to just being. I am sleeping better and my overall health and stress levels are much better. I left the stressful job, I am practicing self-care, and feel like the trajectory I am on is in alignment with who I want to be. Each round is a new experience and I am able to go deeper each time.

“I love the group aspect. I enjoy learning about myself in context with other people’s challenges and bonding with the other participants. I have a community of people who are like-minded; we share our experiences and grow together.”

– G. Santos (Thrive + Shine year long immersion)

“I have experienced so much personal growth and healing while in the Thrive & Shine course. The impact of the habits has been so much broader and deeper than I expected. In addition to losing a significant amount of weight, decreasing PMS symptoms and regulating my periods, my mood and general outlook on life has improved. I feel empowered to design my life and am becoming clearer on what it is that I really want.  I feel more balanced and resilient in the face of daily work and relationship stresses and am getting more and more comfortable putting myself first and saying no to things that don’t really work for me.”

– Jesse Biringer

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this course with Nicole. She understands how big these changes are and has been supportive, informative and patient in my journey towards making them lifelong habits. She has created a safe/supportive community that allowed me to be vulnerable and empowered. She is very knowledgeable in everything we are learning. It is very clear she teaches from her mind and heart, sharing the connection of her own journey… which makes these changes feel very real and possible. Nicole is an instrumental piece in my life being better, truer, and more balanced.”

-K. Key

“Nicole was very easy to talk to and was a very good listener. She was open and embraced each of us fully. She was encouraging and gently but firmly kept us on track. She was a very very good coach and now is a dear friend (to us all). I have developed new habits which help keep me more aware of my reactions, have more energy, have a stronger immunity, far less cravings and I feel far less cold than I used to. I lost a lot of emotional weight that I was not aware of. It is amazing how much simple eating and sleeping habits can have such a strong, deep impact.”

– Z.M.

“Nicole is personable, connected and engaged. She listens well and provides key insights to learning. I enjoyed the videos and learning in depth about each habit. I’ve tapped into better awareness of my mind and body and I feel like I am making progress and moving forward with supporting my health.”

-G. Santos

For the Thrive + Shine Mini-Course (3 Habits)

“Learning about Ayurveda and setting new habits through Thrive & Shine has been very activating for me.  Support from Nicole and the group helped me make beneficial lifestyle changes with an attitude of self-love and kindness, instead of judging myself or feeling pressure to achieve a certain result.  Changing my sleep pattern has made me feel happier and lighter during the shorter winter days.  I look forward to watching the sun come up in the morning and now have time to relax and enjoy myself before I go to work. Working on these habits is more powerful than just working on my health. I feel like I’m moving towards my dharma in the process too. Looking forward to continuing this journey in the full 10 habit course!”                 – Jesse Biringer

“This course has been a supportive and safe place to learn new ways of living and to change habits I’ve had for years. The course content and the support of the group really helped to activate a new awareness that is allowing me to see how different my life could look and feel.  Working on the habits is helping me to reduce stress and overwhelm, and put me in an energetic and emotionally stable place to feel capable to take on a project I’ve been avoiding for years. I’m excited to see where the rest of the course takes me!”                                                                                                                    -K. Key

“After working with the first 3 habits, I am more aware of how subtly my emotions and critical mind have been dictating my quality of life and how now I can gently and gradually work towards a positive change.”                                                                   -Z.M.

From Individual Ayurveda and Coaching Clients:

“Nicole’s knowledge of Ayurveda and calm and reassuring coaching helped me transition through challenges that I wasn’t able to navigate myself. She helped me find a way to apply the lessons practically to my life so that I could move forward in creating a healthier physical and mental space for myself. I highly recommend her offerings if you are looking for a way to move closer to what you are trying to create for yourself in body mind health.”

-M. Wilson

“Nicole reached out to me when I was struggling with chronic IBS symptoms & had hit a wall when it came to healing on my own. Because of her insights not only as an Ayurvedic counselor, but also her ability to be vulnerable, open and honest about her own health struggles, she was able to propel me towards my own healing path.  She has been an amazing resource for me & has allowed me to honestly assess the role that emotions play in my exacerbation of symptoms.  I’ve been able to shift my focus from “what” I’m eating to “when” & also the larger focus on soothing my nervous system & reducing my overall stress.  I will be forever grateful for her generosity, vulnerability & deep wisdom.  It has truly changed my life.”

-L. Scriba

From Yoga and Meditation Clients:

“It’s difficult feeling like an awkward beginner, and Nicole has a phenomenal ability to put people at ease.  During our two private sessions, she took me so gracefully through a series of manageable poses, offering gentle correction, and wonderful connections between the poses and the larger yogic principles they illustrate.  She is a gem.”

-C. Tilney

“I won a free 30 min meditation session for participating in a survey  with Nicole(How awesome is that!). The session was via Skype and I couldn’t believe how relaxing it felt. I almost felt like levitating after 30 min. Her soothing voice adds to it. I am looking forward to trying it again sometime soon.”

— Aditya, Emeryville

“I loved the [Summer Urban Mini-Retreat] workshop and the ambience was very peaceful, clean, spacious and welcoming. I really felt that the vibe was all about self care, self nurturing and pampering. I cannot remember the last time I actually did a face mask! The afternoon and order of activities was spot on and just right! I appreciate the resources you shared, the tip sheet (simple and easy to follow and put on my refrigerator!) and the mask recipe. I think you are an amazing and talented teacher and I am really happy I had the opportunity to attend!”

-K. Castro

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