Wellness Coaching

R. I. S. E. Wellness Coaching Package

Ready to make some changes but having a hard time getting out of the rut you’re in?

Let’s work together to help you move forward with my new wellness coaching package:

R. I. S. E. : A 4-week Coaching Program

Here’s what you’ll get by the end of our time together:

Reconnected to your heart’s desires to fuel the fire of your wellness journey

Insight into what’s preventing you from moving forward

Strategies for overcoming these obstacles and taking steps towards your wellness aspirations

Essential tools for continuing your journey

This package consists of four meetings (either via phone or Zoom video conference)

One Intake Meeting: 90 minutes

I’ve often found that people have health goals such as losing weight or eating healthier, but they may not be aware of the deeper desire behind that goal. And yet, connecting with that deeper objective is key to making long-term changes. Discovering these deep-seated desires will be the basis of our first call and will help us to then create a strategy is aligned with your unique needs and strengths.

Three Weekly Follow-Up Meetings: 40 minutes each

Changing our habits is like steering a ship. We need to be constantly course correcting for unexpected weather changes and unforeseen obstacles to get where we want to go. This is why it’s so important to check in each week to:

–Reflect on what’s working

–Acknowledge what’s not working

–Make adjustments to your plan to keep you on course.

During these follow-up calls you’ll learn how to adjust your plans effectively and be provided the tools to make those course corrections.

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