Thriving Life Book Club

Welcome to the Thriving Life Book Club Page! See below for upcoming events.

As a Wellness Coach and Ayurvedic Counselor, I read tons of books on all aspects of wellness, from nutrition, to behavior-change science, the mind-body connection and more. Many of you have asked me for suggestions, and I thought it would much more fun to read and explore these topics together. So I’m inviting you to join me in the Thriving Life Book Club. 

This book club will be similar to others in that we’ll focus on reading one book each month and meet to discuss that book typically on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month in Oakland, CA.

We’re going to take this beyond your typical book club and experiment with some of the theories we read about! With each book, I’ll offer a simple challenge where you’ll have the opportunity to try a new practice theory from the book to see if it works for you. For example, you might be doing 5 days of particular meditation, or you may try to make simple changes to your workout, diet or lifestyle. We’ll discuss and compare our results in a private Facebook group.

So not only will we get to read about how to thrive, we’ll put these practices to the test and learn new ways to feel better and live a thriving life!!

Join our closed group on Facebook to join the community and the challenges!



Join us at The Well Cafe in Oakland, CA on Wednesday, August 29th @ 7pm and explore new ideas, connect with new people with shared interests, and practice new ways to heal and thrive!

This month we’re reading Mindset by Carol Dweck. Check your local library for a copy or an e-book version. Or you can find it on here on Amazon

This book club is free! No member fees. Please consider that we will be meeting in a cafe–if you can, please show your appreciation by purchasing a beverage or snack at the cafe.

We are currently accepting 2 more members for the in-person meetings. If you’re interested please let me know here.

You can still participate even if you can’t join our in-person meetings. Interested? Sign up here to check out our private Facebook group where we will continue our book discussions and have fun with some challenges to put the author’s theories to the test in our own lives.

Looking forward to seeing you there or online!