My Biggest Hope for All of Us…

When all of this is over, or at least as we start a return to some sense of “normalcy,” my hope is that we have allowed this experience to transform us in a positive way.

And according to Dave Gray (author of Liminal Thinking), times of crisis such as these can be the perfect opportunity, a threshold, or a doorway, for us to become more present to the reality of our lives. In these past weeks, we have been taken off our auto-pilot mode. Disrupted. And it’s an opportunity to look at where we are in our lives.

Are you taking care of yourself the way you’d like to?

Are you investing your time, energy & money in a way that serves your well-being?

Are you clear on what’s working or not working in your life?

Dave Gray suggests that this doorway is a chance to “get in touch with our ignorance.” In other words, asking ourselves: what have we turned a blind eye to? What have we tolerated? And what are the consequences if we continue to make that choice?  

They are big questions. Tough questions. But crucial if we are interested in creating more clarity and harmony in our lives, and even in the lives of those around us. 

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