How to Have a Merry Body, Mind and Spirit This Holiday, Part 3

snowy scene

Part 3: Merry Spirit

While my holiday mantra serves as a reminder for me to slow down, re-center and re-focus, it also reminds me that I have specific practices that can help me with this. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites ways to make sure my spirit stays merry and bright!


There’s not much that makes my spirit feel brighter than doing something selfless. Which isn’t always easy especially when we feel like we are too overwhelmed to even take care of ourselves. And still, if we get creative, there’s always an easy way to be of service. Here’s just a few examples:

Make a meal for someone. We make ourselves dinner on most nights. Why not make one serving more and invite someone over. Maybe someone who doesn’t have family nearby, or someone for whom the holidays are tough because of a loss or other reason.

Compliment a stranger or simply smile and say hello to them.

Donate. This can be really easy–for instance, next time you’re purchasing a gift from amazon, do it through so that your favorite charity also gets a gift.

–Share gratitude. Tell a loved one you’re grateful for them. Give them at least one specific reason.

–Laugh. Tell a joke, or make people laugh (preferably without self-deprecating humor)

–Connect. Reach out to an old friend or relative. You’ll both feel great.

We don’t have to limit ourselves to human kindness either:

Share gratitude with nature. Tell a tree how much you appreciate it.

–Appreciate nature. Look up at the sky at night and marvel at all of the stars

–Honor nature. Start your day by greeting the sun, feeling its rays on your face and giving gratitude for all of its gifts, or take some extra special care of a plant or pet.

How will you keep your spirit merry this holiday season? I’d love to hear from you either by email or post your answer on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag me @nmyogawellness.

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