How to Have a Merry Body, Mind and Spirit This Holiday, Part 2


Part 2: Merry Mind

While my holiday mantra serves as a reminder for me to slow down, re-center and re-focus, it also reminds me that I have specific practices that can help me with this. Today I’m sharing some of my favorites ways to make sure my mind stays merry and bright!


Create a holiday mantra. I discussed this in a previous post, but had to reiterate it here because having this mantra has been so beneficial in keeping me out of panic mode. Haven’t got one yet? Go back to your Guiding Light Statement and see what gems you can use to create your holiday mantra.

Make a shopping plan. Who do I need to buy for? What do I want to get them?  What do they want? Can I do it online or do I need to make a special trip? Is there a simple thoughtful gift I can give to colleagues or clients? Taking about 30 minutes or so to answer some of these questions on paper helps get this mess out of my head so I can organize it and most importantly, stop thinking about it.

Schedule in time for nothing. Fact: Cramming your schedule with too many things with no breaks NEVER results in merriment.  So I like to make sure that I carve out at least 20 minutes a day and maybe an additional hour per week to do nothing. No devices are allowed during this time. Just me with myself perhaps sitting in nature, watching the sky,  being with silence, or sitting down to…

Meditate. Staring my day with meditation sets the tone of ease and focus for the whole day. But why stop there? If I need a moment to re-center, sitting with my breath, or sensations,  or even listening to a meditation on an app can do wonders for bringing me back to a merry and bright state of mind.

How will you keep your mind merry this holiday season? I’d love to hear from you either by email or post your answer on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag me @nmyogawellness.

Coming up next:

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